Bennett's Honey Farm
Bennett's Honey Farm  Solar Powered     

Founded by Red & Ann Bennett and
 currently owned by Chip & Taydee Vannoy, 
Bennett's Honey Farm is a family owned operation.

Our Honey is produced in Ventura County, home of the best 
SAGE and WILDFLOWER fields in California. 

We produce, pack and distribute our fine honey.
Our facility is "green" solar powered, 
and we proudly maintain industry standards
for cleanliness and safety (*GMP / HACCP).

We have Kosher and Organic certificates.

Instead of filtering our honey we use a process called
"gravity straining" which allows the honey to retain
it's natural perfect components.

This takes a little longer but we believe it's necessary to provide the 
highest quailty honey available.

 100% Organic

 100% Kosher
* GMP & HACCP is a detailed program that identifies the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points 
of packing Raw Unfiltered Honey.  

To Place An Order - Visit Our EStore or Call Us At: 805-521-1375​
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