Honey Flavor Profiles

Like wine, honey takes on the flavor profiles of regional flowers and plant life. So while honeybees are pollinating, making a vital impact on scenery and food sources, they also collect a palette of pollen and nectar that creates wonderful floral notes in honey.


Avocado Honey is known for its thick, rich, molasses-like taste. It makes a great substitute for sugar or molasses and is delightful drizzled over fruits, cakes pies and ice cream.


Blueberry Honey has a smooth, full, well-rounded fruity flavor with a slight tang. It’s a great table honey for pancakes, waffles, muffins, nut breads and cereals.


Buckwheat Honey is tasty on toast, but its strong nutty and spicy flavor makes it perfect for marinades. It has been found to contain more antioxidant compounds than some lighter honeys.


Cactus Honey is a beautiful golden color featuring a unique thick granulated texture. Produced from the nectar of the blossoms of California's Mesquite plant.


Clover Honey is the classic honey having a light mild taste of sweetness and floral. It pairs well with salty Italian Pecorino, creamy English Lancashire, alpine and blue cheeses.


Eucalyptus Honey has just a hint of menthol flavor in it, making it perfect for stirring into tea. Varying greatly flavor it tends to be a stronger flavored honey with a slight medicinal scent.


Gallberry Honey is heavy bodied and has a mild but delightful flavor. It pairs well with goat, salty Fontina and Manchego cheeses. Great for use in creating marinades for chicken dishes.


Hawaiian Honey is a wonderful tropical blend from the nectar of the Lehua flowers and Kiawe Tree Blossoms on the Big Island of Hawaii. Thick and creamy in texture makes it a great spreadable treat on toasted bread and baked goods.

orange blossom
Orange Blossom

Much of the orange blossom honey on the market is artificially flavored, but our Orange Honey is made from the nectar of the blossoms from California orange trees. Real orange honey is mild to moderate flavored and citrus-scented.


Sage Honey has a mild but delightful flavor. It pairs well with salty Fontina and Manchego cheese. Great for use in creating marinades for chicken dishes.


Wildflower Honey is light and fruity yet richly flavored. Often used to describe honey from undefined flower sources, it can vary in aroma and flavor profile because every region has its own unique flower source.

raw honeycomb
Raw Honeycomb

Pairing creamy cheeses with honeycomb not only looks beautiful on a cheese board, but it tastes delicious. Honey bee honeycombs are so amazingly constructed that you can spread cheese right on top.